Saturday, February 9, 2008

One Step Closer

The idea of going to beauty school is finally becoming a reality. Something I have wanted to badly, and for so long. No longer postponing my dream or just talking about it. Nobody to discourage me or tell me that "there are better things out there". I believe that if you want something bad enough, you can get it. Things like this are never handed to you, but if they were...I doubt I'd apprecite it as much or feel as if I've accomplished something in my life.

I'm going to see my school on Thursday and sign up, as well as see what kind of financial aid options I have. I'm hoping I'll qualify for at least one. Worst comes to worse, I can always apply for a loan with the bank. But once Thursday is done, I will have enrolled into my beauty school in the esthetics program of 600 hours. I should be done by October if all goes as planned. I'm lucky, I already will have a job fresh out of college. I'm working at a health/fitness center in Genoa, it's beautiful there! My boss wants to get some spa services going in the club besides massage therapy, and she has pretty much told me she's holding me to being the club skin therapist. I may have to share a room with the female massage therapist for a while, which is fine...She's hardly ever there anyway. But it'll be nice to have my own skin therapy room and my clientele will build off of the members that come to the club as well as family and friends.

This is truly a fresh start to 2008. A time for me to find accomplishment in my life and follow my dream of becoming an esthetician. I'm 25 now, I think it's about time....


I finally did it, here's the final cut and style of my hair....I love it!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Just because I'm married, Doesn't mean I'm Dead...

It's really funny how much life changes after marriage. I enjoy the married life so much and am so blessed to have married a man who treats me like a queen. Priorities of mine are different now, yes...My husband will always be my top priority. I just wish people wouldn't assume so much of us because of our marriage to each other. Any of our friends who really know us, know that we've never been big party people and we're not the type to just hang out in a bar. We met some friends for drinks a while back and later one mentioned " you guys didn't seem that comfortable at the bar, I felt bad." I said "well yeah we didnt really know anyone there...And we just don't usually go to the bar" I mean, who doesn't feel awkward in a situation where everyone knows each other except you? Her automatic response, "oh, because you're married?" What the hell? Why would that be any REASON WHY we don't hang out in bars? All of a sudden we're an old married couple who isn't fun because we don't go to a stupid bar? I love this couple very much, but the comment made just annoyed me.

My friends have totally different lives than I do, and I respect that. But it doesn't make me want to dismiss any of them or treat them any differently as my friends. I miss hanging out with them very much, but I know it's hard for them and myself to always drive to opposit cities. Its expensive on gas and where I live most would consider the middle of nowhere. It's really not that bad, I like it. It's beautiful...I wake up every morning and get to see the beautiful mountains. Not to mention, a nice, quiet neighborhood away from the city.

Anyway, I just want my friends to know that just because I am married...Doesn't mean I forgot them or will ever forget them. I love them all equally the same.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Struggling With Beauty

I use to have this beautiful jet black hair cut into a 1920's bob with the Betty bangs...I finally decided to go for it and dye my hair back to blonde and become a platinum blonde. I did it, and just in time for the wedding. My hair grew a lot too. But then after, I decided I wanted to add more color to it for the fall/winter seasons. I added a red viloet to my bangs and underneath and cut it into an a-line. I wa stupid enough to be washing my hair daily not to mention blow drying and flat ironing it. It got so dry and fragile my hair broke on the side where I flat ironed my hair daily. It was a nightmare! My hair chick had to add extensions (the glue on tracks) to the sides. It was either that or a pixie cut. I'm affraid of having short hair, for the fact that I'll either look like a boy or a 10 year old girl. I've scheduled aother extensions appointment for the 23rd to have long hair again while my hair grows...But last night I saw the cutest hair style that I just might be bale to pull off! I was watching America's Next Top Model and one of the girls comepting named AJ had a hair cut that I believe I could easily pull off. I'm thinking of dying it all brown like this too. Now I'm stuck between the decision of going short or getting extensions....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bring On the New Year!

I thought I'd start off my blog by writing about the New Year...2008. What did I do to celebrate? I stayed at home with my husband and played the Wii for a couple hours and ate appetizers. I generally don't like to go out on New Year's. There's to many crazy drunks out on the road. I'd rather be home where it's safe and free from the chaos of crowds. I did, however think about a few New Year's resolutions:

1. Attend Beauty College in the esthetician program
- This is one of the first things I thought of. I have already taken the first step by requesting information on the school. I got it in the mail last week, and I am really excited about it. It's something that has been a dream of mine for a long time...(we'll get more into that later)

2. Learn to cook new recipe's
- My husband is the cook of the house, but he has a tendency to feel stressed so easily. This is my way of helping him to relax.

3. Be patient
-It's a woman's nature to be moody sometimes, but I'd like to be more patient.

4. Work Out
- This isn't on the top of my list because I'm not exactly UN-HEALTHY. I eat very well, and rarely go for the junk. I just never take the time to exercise! I work at a gym, I should take advantage right?

My list might grow, but these are the most important things to me right now. I've never really made an effort to create a New Year's resolution list, but I'm getting older and there are things I feel I finally need to accomplish in my life. I know that if I work on these things, I will feel good about myself and have things to look back on and feel proud of.